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VPS Hosting

Relish The Potentials Of A Dedicated Server Within Protected Hosting Environment With Our Robust VPS Server Solutions!

VPS Hosting refers to web hosting solutions where virtual servers are deployed to offer users with powerful control over their serverswhile availing CPU, bandwidth, and RAM on sharing basis with other users. Simply, it apportions a single server into numerous servers that are rebooted on anindependent basis. We at Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd are doggedto supply you extraordinarily efficient yet affordable Windows and Linux VPS Hosting Plan. We can a leading VPS hosting provider and can offer you with customized plans that can optimally meet all your business requisites. With our extensive plans, you can procure unparalleled growth for your business and always stay ahead of your rivalries.

Features of Our Virtual Private Servers!

With our esteemed VPS Hosting Services, your business's performance can be boosted to sky-scraping levels. Have a quick peek at benefits your business can secure with our exclusively designed VPS Platform!


We offer our clients with reliable and fast hosting solutions with 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Your business can completely rely on our exceptional services.

Unlimited bandwidth

There is no standard limit on the volume of traffic your app or site can receive. You only have to dream big and comply with our unlimited policy, and therest we will take care.

Scalable RAM

You can initially begin with 1GB RAM and then scale it up to 8GB RAM within your control panel.

Augmented SSD Storage

We offer novel Virtual Private Servers that host outstandingly performing SSD hard drives ranging from 30GB to 240GB.

Ubuntu Long-Term Support

We offer Ubuntu Long-Term Support that implies less number of security holes and downtime for your VPS, and less trouble working with novel software libraries.

Web-integrated Control Panel

Conveniently manage and add multiple virtual servers within Ammaiya's control panel. We offer web-integrated control panel where you can easily scale your virtual server, according to your convenience.

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Host as many numbers of sites and domains you wish to. We offer solutions ideal for developers and designers who desire to build powerful apps and sites for their customers.

24 x 7 Support

All hosting plans introduced by us are complimented with 24 x 7 customer support solutions. You can even have a live chat or contact with them via mail, Twitter, and more sound options.

Benefits You Can Avail with Our VPS Solutions!

Experience Notable Scalability and Competencies of our Virtual Private Server.

Host High-Traffic Sites

Offer your high-traffic sites with thepower of our VPS to be sure that your site is always performing at its peak.

Conveniently Host Large Ecommerce Sites

IF you possess huge e-commerce site, then less downtime is simply unaffordable. With our VPS solutions, your online store can secure robust platform to expand and withstand high-traffic rate during peak time.

Test and Develop Apps

If you are planning to develop the next big app, then instantly hire a virtual building machine and straightway test your app for its features and resilience.

Hosting Sites with Numerous Clients Made-Easy

Our VPS is trusted by innumerable web developers and designers. You can efficiently host all sites and apps of your clients on our SO powerful VPS.

Efficaciously Run Custom Apps

Security is of prime We offer you with scalable, flexible, and reliable VPS hosting solutions to instantly run your apps without any limits.

Installing Blogs or WordPress Sites is Hassle-Free

We provide a1-click installer that enables you to install popular, open-source applications on your VPS.

We are leaders in fields of website designing, development, and maintenance. You can hire our virtual private server solutions as they are robust, competitive, and flexible.

If you are really thoughtful of your business and want to offer it with only BEST, then contact Ammaiya Services Pvt Ltd at - contact@ammaiya.com. Get your domain registered now with us, to not miss securing your most preferred domain name!
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